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    • The staff were very helpful and responded fast to the need to getting our mother cremated. I would very much use them again.
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      Dorinda G.

    • Death of anyone is unfortunate, but death of your baby seems to be the worst. I was four months pregnant when my body decided to go into labor and pretty much kill my son. He died from not having his lungs formed yet. Obviously this was not planned, so I had no money, I had no way to take care of anything. My dad had looked around and found Aaron's and made an appointment. We arrived to the church looking location, and entered the beautiful place, so beautiful in fact that you would not relate it to death. The workers there were very polite and understanding. They had smooth voices and movements, I thought perhaps I was dreaming. Maybe I was, I know the second I saw Travis, my son, my whole world became a distance that was out of focus. I could not afford a funeral, and I was selfish in the thought that this only effected me, since he was mine and the dad did not want any part of it. So I had Travis cremated. Only then would I still be able to hold him. To have something as a representative of him. Within three days of the appointment it was done. Although that was three years ago, I still clearly have this moment in my mind. If death takes someone you love, then I suggest going to Aaron Cremation and Burial Services.
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      Laura M.

    • My grandmother passed away on Jan. 24. We already knew her wishes to be cremated and her choice to use Mark. B. Shaw and Aaron Cremation. From the first phone call that I made to the day of the service the staff was absolutely wonderful. Lewis (The Funeral Director) was very professional, caring and considerate of our needs and wants. The day of the service Lewis had everything ready to go and made sure we were happy with everything. I am very happy that my grandmother choose this funeral home. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is searching for a place. Thanks to all the wonderful staff for being there during our time of sorrow and needs.
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      Robyn J